TAHUN 2018

1 Towson University, USA a. The promotion of educational and academic exchanges to share experiences and ideas; 5 tahun 22 Januari 2018 22 Januari 2023 MoU
b. Exchange of academic information, material and publications related to education and training;
c. Support and promote educational exchange and visiting among universities for both sides; and
d. Any other academic, administrative and educational cooperative activities that may be jointly agreed upon by the parties.
2 Linnaeus University, Swedia a. Collaborative research and possible exchange of academic papers; 5 tahun 27 Februari 2018 27 Februari 2023 MoU
b. Exchange of students, and academic and administrative staff members;
c. Exchange of academic publication materials or other information;
d. Co-operation in academic projects for specified areas of development;
e. Opportunities for other forms of co-operation.
3 University of Malaya, Malaysia a. Development of collaborative research projects; 5 tahun 13 Februari 2018 13 Februari 2023 MoU
b. Organisation of joint academic activities, such as: courses, conferences, seminars, symposia or lectures;
c. Exchange of research, administrative, and teaching personnel;
d. Placement and/or exchange of students;
e. Exchange of publications and other materials of common interest.
4 One Asia Foundation, Jepang a. Organisation of One Asia Lecture Series 2017/2018; 6 Bulan 06 Maret 2018 06 September 2018 MoU
b. Development of collaborative academic and research projects.
5 Da-Yeh University, Taiwan a. Joint research Activities (including of faculty members and research students); 5 Tahun 13 Maret 2018 13 Maret 2023 MoA
b. Joint teaching or supervision of students;
c. Staging of joint seminars, conferences and academic meetings;
d. Special academic programmes;
e. Education Abroard on the part of undergraduate and postgraduate students, including exchanges, interships, electives and practicum;
f. Exchange of academic materials and other information;
g. Collaborative academic programmes which may involve cultural activities and strong field visit component. These may be for groups or individuals on independent Guided Study Programmes;
h. Joint collaborative Grant Proposals.
6 Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages Taiwan a. UM assists the Center for Southeast Asian Languages Teaching (CSEALT), Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages to develop proficiency test of Bahasa Indonesia; 5 tahun 30 April 2018 30 April 2023 MoU
b. Placement and/or exchange of students;
c. Exchange of teaching and administrative personnel;
d. Jiont research activities;
e. Organisation of joint academic activities, such as, courses, conferences, seminars, symposia or lectures;
f. Exchange of academic materials and other information of common interest.
Students exchange 1 tahun 30 April 2018 30 April 2019 PKS
7 Saudi Electronic University Magang Bersertifikat 1 Oktober 2018 MoU
8 Guangxi Normal University, People’s Guangxi Republic of China Student Exchange Program 5 tahun 11 Mei 2018 11 Mei 2023 MoU
9 Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CULS) Development of Collaborative Research Projects 3 Tahun 01 September 2018 01 September 2021 PKS
Organization of Joint Academic Activities, such as: Courses, Conferences, Seminars, Symnosia or Lectures
Exchange of Research and Teaching Personnel
Placement and/or Exchange Students
Exchange of Publications and Other Material of Common Interest
Any Other Areas of Cooperation to be Mutually Agreed Upon by the Parties
10 Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka, Malaysia Development of Programs Designed to Promote Cooperation in Areas of Mutual Interest 5 Tahun 2018 2023 MoU
Exchange of Undergraduate Students and/or Attachment Programs
Exchange of Faculty Members and/or Attachment programs
Collaboration in Teaching and Research in the Areas of Mutual Interest of Both PartiesOther Educational and/or Trainig Programs as Mutually Agreed Upon by Both Parties
Other Educational and/or Training Programs as Mutually Agreed Upon by Both Parties
11 Australian Council for Educational Research Australia Develop Educational Cooperation on the Basis of Equality, Reciprocity, and Mutual Benefit, and to Promote Relations and Mutual Understanding 5 tahun 10 Oktober 2018 10 Oktober 2023 MoU
12 Tunghai University Exchange of Faculty Members (Academic and Administrative) 5 Tahun 31 Oktober 2018 31 Oktober 2023 MoU
Exchange of Students
Joint Conferences
Joint Research Projects
Joint Cultural Program
Any other Areas of Cooperation to be Mutually Agreed Upon by Both Instituitions

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